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Accident Part II

   He didn’t know how long it had been, or where he really was, so when Megatron’s optics flickered online, the last thing he was expecting was to see a coated medic inside his room. He growled, knowing he was injured. Fuck, and it hurt, too. He could feel it throbbing down his right side. That didn’t mean he should be confined to a berth, though. He had things to do. Progress to be made! So he tried to push himself up, though gave a seething groan as a surging pain shot all down his side, mainly in his hip and abdomen. “Nn…”

   Turning at the noise, Cole looked to his patient, frowning as he was trying to get up. Kaon Hospital was still packed, but at least most of the mine was shut off and cleared out. With Cybertronian technology, it got things done much cleaner and faster. There were still many injured, and many more had died at the mine and in the hospital, but at least the death toll had stopped counting now.
   It was early morning. He’d put Megatron into an induces stasis because he knew the mech didn’t sleep well. He needed all the rest he could get, and he wasn’t going to get any better by stressing that he couldn’t fall into stasis because of insomnia.
   “Hey, how are you feeling today?” he said nonchalantly, Megatron’s optics looking at him like it was a stupid question. He shrugged it off. Every patient had their own way of dealing with the fact they were injured and in hospital. Did he really think Megaton would wake up with all sunshine and daisies? No.

   “Like shit,” Megatron hissed, pulling off the sheet to look at the bandage around his abdomen. “Let me guess, you’re going to tell me I’m berthridden for a few solar-cycles?” he asked sarcastically. “What’s the quickest time you can have me out of… here,” he said, looking around. His optics narrowed a little as he looked to the medic in front of him. He was in Kaon Hospital, he knew that much. Which meant enemies could be crawling everywhere. “Where is your insignia?”

   Cole stopped, his hands on the pad. He slowly put it back on the end of the berth. “Uh… Megatron, can you tell me what stellar-cycle it is?” he asked, frowning when the mech just looked at him rather impatiently.

   “What the hell has that got to do with my wounds?” the silver mech scoffed. “Now, be a good medic and get me the hell out of here, I have more important things to be tending to than lying in a berth.” He went to push himself up, but his fangs clenched tight as the pain coursed through him once more. No! He wouldn’t be weak! He’d stand up! He’d get out of here! He couldn’t stay like this, let alone be seen like this.
   As the medic tried to grab him, he pushed him off. “Don’t touch me!” he hissed, finding his pedes. He looked at the ID tag that was on the coat of the medic. “So, Doctor Cole… are you going to let me get armoured up?” he asked, standing there butt naked, besides his cod-piece being on.

   The Dauphin couldn’t hold Megatron here, but he wasn’t about to sign any release forms, either. “Megatron, it’s very ill advised for you to leave while you’re wounds are so fresh,” he said, trying to think of careful words. Megatron wasn’t exactly the nicest of mechs, but he wouldn’t just toss him off when he tried to help. He’d been his doctor before, and he knew that. The concussion must have made him suffer amnesia. But how far back, exactly? Should he be worried that he didn’t have an ’insignia?’

   “Pff, you neutrals, always such a pain in the aft,” Megatron mumbled, holding a hand to his wounded side. “Just give me some pills and I’ll be on my way. Who knows how many filthy Autobot’s are crawling around this place, ready to strike me while I’m down,” he sneered with a disgusted tone, though clear paranoia.

   Cole felt his spark sink a little. “Shockwave will be here shortly,” he said, knowing the familiar name would at least calm him down. No, they hadn’t been lovers during war, but that didn’t matter. Shockwave had been a faithful soldier and a trusty commander. Cole wasn’t ignorant, he knew Megatron and Shockwave before he had them waltz on over to the hospital he worked in. He wasn’t a soldier; he was just a neutral medic. He had helped aid both Decepticon and Autobot’s who had fallen during the start of the war. He knew very well what Shockwave’s roll was, as well as many other high commanders in Megatron’s army. The only reason he was alive today was because of his parent’s wealth. It has saved all their lives.

   Looking up, Megatron still held onto his wounded side. “Am I supposed to just sit here and wait?”

   By now, Cole was beginning to run out of patience. He had a hospital full of others to tend to, and Megatron’s attitude wasn’t sitting with him well right now. He barely slept, and he was trying to take care of him the best he could. He also wasn’t a fan of the Decepticon act. Not that it was an act to Megatron. Quite clearly, he truly thought he was back at war. Of course he was concerned about it, but he couldn’t deal with just Megatron today. He had many others to help, too.
   “Yes, that is exactly what you are going to do. Like the good mech you are,” he said quite bluntly. “Take a seat back in your berth before you harm yourself even more. This planet needs a strong mech like you, Megatron. To see you fall because you couldn’t be patient won’t set a good example,” he said, folding his arms. “Now, sit back down and I will get Shockwave for you.”

   Megatron’s jaw went tight, but he was no fool. He took the order, but not because he was any kind of snivelling dog. He took it because he knew it was the right thing to do. The medic was right. He could not cause further harm to himself. What the hell had happened, anyway?

   When Cole saw Megatron sit back down on the berth from outside, he turned down the hallway, taking his phone out of his pocket. Once he was in a quiet area, he dialled Karmashock’s number. “I think you should bring Shockwave here. There might be more damage than I first realised,” he said into the speaker.
   Karmashock’s voice was soft, but he knew it was worried. He agreed that he would bring Shockwave in, and then the two of them hung up. Cole had his duties to do as a doctor, and that means tending to many other patients who needed his help. So that’s exactly what he did.

   “He what?” Shockwave asked, his antennae going down. No, it couldn’t be. But… yesterday Megatron had recognised they were lovers. He had kissed him. He had spoken to him with that tone of knowing that they were together. That they were bonded. How could he simply just forget something like that? Concussion or not… How could one forget love?

   Karmashock leant back against the table in the small office. “Do you know what he does remember?” he asked. Megatron surely knew of his past, and it would be fresh in his mind with the new amnesia. That meant if he went in and saw him and knew he was a psychiatrist… well, there was no telling what would happen, but he knew it would be a highly negative reaction. Megatron barely accepted his help when he came to Earth.
   “He just think it’s still war outside,” Cole stated. “I don’t know much more. I’m going to have to question him. I thought that a trustworthy face would be good, though. Like comas, sometimes personal items can help the amnesia go away. Until then, there’s no telling how long it will last.”

   Shockwave mentally frowned, his spark thumping hard in his chest. “What about our bond?” he asked. “Will he feel it when I enter the room? Will he know that I am more than just… a commander?” He couldn’t go back to that! He couldn’t go back to Megatron seeing him as nothing but a soldier. He loved Megatron, and it had taken all the courage in the world to tell him that, and now… it could all be gone. So easily!? They had made love! They had lost a sparkling together! They were not just soldiers, and he sure as hell wasn’t just a commander to Megatron. He was his life, just as much as Megatron was his.

   The medic shook his head. “As long as Megatron’s mind believes it is the certain time period he is in, he will not think you are bonded. However,” he continued, Shockwave’s optic on his own, “if you two are alone, he might feel a slight connection. It might not be much, but bonds are different for everyone. In his mindset, he’s likely to refuse anything he feels is unnatural.”

   “Am I to be honest with him?”

   “I’d like for you to lay it to him gently,” Cole insisted.

   Karmashock put his hand up, standing up from the desk, “Wait a sec there, mate, if you tell Megatron, he might lose it,” he said. “Look, I know we can’t hide this from him, but with his conditions, there’s no telling who can be in danger here. How long could it take for his memory to come back? If he thinks he and Shockwave are bonded, well… it could cause some serious problems to his processor. Megatron’s unstable as it is, laying something like that on him, even gently, isn’t gunna go down well with him. He thinks he’s at war here!”

   “And what do you suppose I do?” Shockwave commanded. “Sit there and lie to my bond-mate!?” The thought of having to lie was something that made Shockwave’s programming cringe. Not just to anyone, though, but to Megatron. His once commander, his lover, his Master. He couldn’t just sit there and lie to his face about their relationship! They were bonded for fuck’s sake!

   Cole looked to the blue-teal mech, mentally asking for any kind of suggestion. Karmashock was the therapist here; he was just Megatron’s doctor. He knew nothing about how dark and deep Megatron’s mind and issues went; he merely healed his visible wounds.
   “Won’t he get even more angry if he knows you’re a therapist?” he questioned, arching a black brow. “I don’t know Megatron well on a mental level, but I sure knew of him when war was here. You weren’t here, Karmashock, but I was. I saw what he was capable of. Just him, as a lone mech, without reinforcements. He could kill all three of us if he wanted to. Well, maybe not you, Shockwave-,”

   “Megatron is stronger than I,” Shockwave admitted. “Karmashock, I cannot lie to him. I can be there for him, but I cannot lie. He has to gain his memory back. I am the only one that may be able to do this.”

   “I can’t have anyone going in there alone with him,” said the therapist, trying to think. He couldn’t strap Megatron down, because that would make him feel like a prisoner, but being kept here also made him feel that way. Megatron thought there were fires outside, his wrath and control taking over. But outside was nothing but a rebuilt city. Families were out there! He couldn’t risk Megatron going on a killing spree. He couldn’t risk the former Decepticon even getting out of here. Maybe being strapped down was the only thing that could keep him here? But he didn’t want to do that. Not to Megatron. It would bring back to much trauma.
   “Alright, Shockwave, you can go in there. But I can’t leave you alone. Both Cole and I will be there. Coming from you, he will trust when you say I am there just to make sure he’s safe.”

   Shockwave almost laughed. “Karmashock, even from me, he will not believe you are a Decepticon soldier.” He looked him up and down for a moment. True, there were soldiers who were small and thin during their reign, but Karmashock didn’t have the personality to suit.

   “You’re another doctor,” Cole stated, emerald optics going to the slate ones. “Use that to your advantage. You might not be a soldier, but you aren’t lying when you say you’re a doctor. You still are. You’re just a mental one. Now, we can’t leave him in there for too long alone. He’s free to go whenever he wants, so we best head back.”

   But they didn’t have a plan! Shockwave’s antennae perked a little. They were just going to wing this? That was a bad idea. Then again, Megatron wasn’t predictable anyway, so if they had a plan it could easily just fall to ruins. But at least a plan was a plan. He knew his. He would tell Megatron the truth if he asked him. He would not lie. He could not lie. He would do his best to dodge most of the truth, but when he couldn’t take it anymore, he would cave. He knew he would.

   The three of them walked down the corridor, and once reaching the door to Megatron’s room, Cole eyed the other two. They nodded, and he stepped inside, Shockwave behind him, Karmashock tailing behind the former commander.
   In the berth, Megatron was laying half beneath the sheet. He’d clearly removed his bandage and had tried putting it back on with crude failure. As a doctor, Cole’s first instincts were to put it back. “You are not to touch that,” he fussed, moving over to the larger mech. Megatron snatched his wrist and twisted it, making him wince.

   “Do not touch me without permission,” Megatron sneered, looking to the emerald optics. Just like his father’s. At the sight of Shockwave, he dropped the doctor, Cole tending to the bruised wrist.

   “My Liege, please let them tend to your wounds,” Shockwave said, his voice almost shaken. He hid it well, though. If it were up to him, he would have spoken to Megatron this way for the rest of his life. It was only because Megatron didn’t like it that he had stopped. But he was his ‘leader’ again at this present time, and he would address him as so.

   “Where are my other soldiers? Where is Starscream?” asked the Decepticon leader, though this time allowing Cole to dress the wound correctly. He didn’t apologise for hurting him, though. The medic should know his place. If anything, he merely asked for Starscream because who knew what he was doing while he was stuck in hospital!? He was probably claiming he was the leader right now. It boiled his blood, and it showed on the monitor.
   “Nn, watch it!” he hissed, Cole patching him up. His hands finally left him, and he looked away, turning back to Shockwave. “Well?”

   Starscream? How could he lie about his death? The death of Starscream was not something that should be forgotten. He deserved it! After what he had put the both of them through!? His shoulder’s went back, and he lifted his chin, walking over to the berth. He bowed gently. “Forgive me,” he said, kneeling. “I cannot lie to you.”

   Karmashock mentally slapped his helm. “Doctor Cole, would you please escort Commander Shockwave out? I fear he’s not in the right headspace to be here right now. His devotion to his lord is strong, but Lord Megatron needs his rest.”

   “And who the hell are you?” Megatron’s voice turned sharp, his optics narrowing to the lithe mech. “You’re not a soldier,” he observed. “You’re not a medic…”

   Confidently, Karmashock nudged past the larger violet mech. “I am a doctor, actually,” he said, taking the chart and reading it.

   “Why do I need two doctors?” the silver mech questioned curiously. He folded his arms, glancing back to Shockwave. He trusted his Commander. He would not lie to him. Whoever this mech was, he was clearly an ‘okay’ mech if Shockwave hadn’t have broken his neck the instant he walked on in here.

   “I needed a second opinion,” Cole pushed in, walking up beside his mechfriend. “Your wounds are quite severe, Megatron. You might have to have a few more tests run, including an MRI scan. We also need to make sure the piece of mineral that was lodged into your side is completely cleaned out.” Megatron seemed to relax at that, but even so, Cole was very uncertain about all of this.

   Glancing to Shockwave, Megatron rested back against the berth, placing his hands gently behind his helm. “You’re being awfully quiet over there, Shockwave. You needn’t add anything?”

   Oh, Primus, Shockwave knew that tone. Megatron knew something fishy was going on. He was no fool. He knew something was off with the two medics before him. Him, personally, no, Shockwave was in the clear—he always had been. He’d never given Megatron a reason to not trust him; however, he certainly didn’t trust the two medics in the room.
   “I am no medic, Lord Megatron,” he stated, still standing up in the room. When Megatron was his master (at war), he would never slouch, or show any form of laziness. He was upright at attention, his antennae up, shoulders back and spine straight.

   The vermillion optics held the golden one for a moment, the warlord trying to read his most trusted commander. “Funny, if you’re the mech my doctor called in for a second opinion, why is he wearing the coat and you’re not?”

   Karmashock just stared at Megatron. Absolutely fascinating! He grinned lightly, leaning his hand up to stroke his goatee. Smart, indeed. He’d never seen Megatron’s war personality—despite being inside his mind when Megatron was under a coma through the virtual therapy. This, though? This was real to Megatron. This was his mind set when he was the leader of the Decepticon, and Karmashock couldn’t help but feel like a kid in a candy store. How he wanted to poke and prod, to get inside and see the reactions. However, Megatron’s wellbeing came first, and he knew that.  
   He knew something wasn’t right, and Karmashock wouldn’t even know where to begin with medical jargon like Cole knew. He was caught outright. He may as well just tell the truth. “You’re quite the smart one, aren’t you?” he said, receiving a confused look from Cole. “Alright, you got me, I’m not a medic. I’m a psychiatrist.”

   “And what are you doing in here? I don’t need your kind inside my processor. You allowed this scum in here!?” he asked, snapping his optics to Shockwave. “I want him removed.”

   “Lord Megatron, I advise-,”

   “I said out!” the mech ordered. “I don’t need a therapist!” he hissed, pushing himself up. Cole stepped in his way of Karmashock, and he growled, fangs showing. “You think you can stand there and defend such garbage? Listen here, Doctor, mechs like him are nothing but swine! They make you trust them, and then they spit you out and rape you of all your dignity!”

   Cole didn’t know any better, and he didn’t move. He felt Karmashock’s hand go against his shoulder, but he stood his ground. “I advise you to get back in your berth, Mr. Megatron.”

   Taking the collar of the coat, Megatron brought the medic up to his optic level. “And I advise you to throw this worthless junk out of here before I break your pretty little neck,” he sneered warningly, optics hard on the other ones. He breathed heavily as he looked into the lime optics. “Is that understood?”

   Cole swallowed hard as he was placed back onto his pedes, tugging on his coat to fix it up. “Karmashock, please leave.”

   Karmashock watched intently, but he nodded, taking a look at Megatron before walking from the room. He didn’t give any hint to knowing Shockwave, and just left the room. He didn’t want any harm going to either Cole or himself.
   A moment passed as he stood outside the door, waiting. Eventually, Cole came out, but Shockwave stayed inside. “Are you alright?” he asked, approaching him and placing a hand onto his shoulder.

   The Dauphin nodded. “Nothing I can’t handle,” he said, taking the hand into his own. “He asked if Shockwave could stay, or… ordered… I figured it might be good for his temper. I… never saw him when he was Decepticon leader. I just heard him and saw him on television. Never in the real, though.”

   “Yeah, neither, mate…” Karmashock murmured, lowering his hand. He looked through the window, seeing Shockwave still standing upright, Megatron in the berth once more. “I won’t go back in there, but only because I don’t want to cause any problems for you. He’s still my patient, but in this state of mind, he’s not going to want to accept any kind of mental help. He’s too… egotistical and proud. Not to mention terrified of therapists.”

   Nodding, Cole understood completely, well, about not going inside. “Do you want me to notify Ratchet? Could this cause problems with his other personality? With the previous operation?” He was more wondering to himself rather than speaking to his partner. But it did make him curious, as well as worried.

   “I don’t think the personality would be back, but he might believe it’s still there, thus act like it’s still in control, because he doesn’t know any better. But I think calling Ratchet will be a bad idea. You don’t want Megatron seeing any former Autobot right now. He’d attack them instantly. Or at least get Shockwave to. However, maybe contacting another trusted former ‘Con? They could post outside his door, make him feel more comfortable.” At the same time, they needed to let Megatron figure out he wasn’t a warlord anymore, and that the war was over. Hopefully it wouldn’t get to a negative stage, or further than it already was.

   “Do you know of any items that could help Megatron’s memory come back? Maybe Shockwave does?”

   “I’ll ask him once he comes out,” the motorbike stated. If he ever came out. He had a feeling Shockwave would be like a parrot on Megatron’s shoulder. Never leaving his side.

   Cole looked to the shorter mech, uncertain of what to do. He’d never been in a situation like this, not with someone as dangerous as Megatron, anyway. “What now?” he asked, looking through the window himself.

   “I dunno, mate,” admitted Karmashock. “I guess we wait and see what Shockwave can get out of him. And then I’ll wait to hear from you.”
   “You’re leaving?” Cole’s optics swung back around. He knew he couldn’t keep Karmashock here, and he didn’t want to, but when it came to psychiatry, Karmashock really knew what he was doing… He had the power to do many things due to Megatron being his patient. Hell, he could throw him in an institution if he said it would help the mech—not that Karmashock ever would. But still. He knew how to talk down a mech when they were fuming. He didn’t. He’d only fuel the fire because he didn’t have that mental connection to his patient. Not to mention he was quite blunt.

   Karmashock’s optics looked to the checkered mech. “You know my aft is owned by this hospital for now,” he chuckled, seeing a small crease slither into Cole’s lips. “I’ll be here. I’m gunna go grab a bite, I don’t wanna get in the way of the other patient, ‘kay? Just call me if you need me.”

   “Will do,” said Cole, smiling lightly. He took Karmashock’s hand into his own before moving out of the way of the window. He then gave him a small goodbye peck. He had rounds to do, and he’d let Shockwave have some personal time with Megatron. He just hoped nothing too bad would happen. Shockwave was a smart mech; surely he wouldn’t do anything stupid.

   “My Liege, I apologise for my actions,” the soft English voice said honestly. Once more, he knelt to the side of the berth, his antennae going back. He could not lie to Megatron like this. He could not let him go on believing that outside was a warzone. That any minute an enemy could spot him. He wouldn’t lie knowing Megatron could go out there and ruin everything he had worked so hard on in a stupid and violent act. He would not let his mate do that.

   Megatron turned his optics away, but he looked back when he felt something on him. His optics shot to the lilac hand that was touching his arm. He furrowed his brows. “What is the meaning of this?” he asked cautiously, watching his commander.

   “Can you feel that?” Shockwave asked, his optic never once leaving Megatron’s. “You can feel me, can’t you? I can feel you, too Megatron. Please tell me why. Please tell me why we can feel one another when this close.”

   The warlord watched his commander, his optics looking down to the hand once more. He pulled back, frowning. “I don’t know what’s come over you, but I think you should leave.”

   Shockwave felt his spark tear, his antennae going back. “I will not let you forget!” he said, standing to his pedes. He grabbed Megatron’s hand and thrust it against his beating spark. “You can feel it! I can see it in your optics! Do not lie to me!” His voice was desperate now. “You remember! You must!”

   Megatron ripped his hand from the other mech, his fangs bared. “You have overstepped your boundaries, soldier!”

   Soldier? No! No, he wasn’t just a soldier! This couldn’t happen! Shockwave lowered his hand, trying his best to stand up straight, as if to show he still had some sort of dignity.

   “Get out.”

   Both antennae pricked upwards in surprise. “Megatron, ple-,”

   “I said leave,” ordered the warlord, his optics hard on the other.

   “As you wish,” Shockwave murmured, lowering his helm in both a bow and utter hurt. He removed himself from the room quietly, closing the door behind him. Outside, Shockwave placed his hand against the back of the door. He couldn’t stand Megatron seeing him as a simple soldier once more. He had to tell Cole or Karmashock that they had to do something. Staying here would only mean stress on Megatron, and more agony for him. He turned and left to find the doctor.

   Megatron shook his helm. What the hell was going on around here? His medic was a smart arse who acted like he knew who he was, a therapist comes in to see him when he doesn’t need to see one, and now Shockwave was acting strange. He couldn’t even remember why he was in here. Had shrapnel from a fire-fight hit him?
   Lifting his hand, he pressed it against his helm, wincing lightly. He looked to his arm to where Shockwave had touched him before turning it over to run a finger against the scars on his wrist. He had been right, though. He had felt something different when Shockwave had knelt down beside him. Something that he couldn’t place. Shockwave was no incompetent mech. He knew what he was talking about. But what had he forgotten? What was he meant to be feeling?
   Looking across the room, he saw his armour stacked against the rack. Roughly, he tossed the sheet aside. He took a deep breath before groaning as he stood up, his hand gently holding his side. Fuck, it hurt! He pushed through it, though, walking over to grab his armour. As quickly as he could, he tossed it over him, clipping it down. Once it was on him, his side was protected, but it hurt like a bitch when it hit up against him.
   He made his way over to the door and opened it, seeing the number of patients in the hospital. It certainly looked like a warzone inside. He couldn’t see anyone wearing any faction symbols, though, and so he walked into the crowd, heading outside.
Part 1: [link]

Wasn't sure on making a part two, but yeah. Looks like there will be a part 3, too. >> I doubt this will go very long, though. Probably just a part three and then it will be finished. ^^; But yes... Megatron's... well, Megatron. A dick, haha. He's not very nice. Especially when he thinks it's war outside. ^^;

I feel sorry for Shockwave here. The poor mech. He kinda spoiled everything, but lying to his master isn't something that is very easy for Shockwave. It's like betraying his God if he was something highly religious. But, yeah...

Keep an eye out for part three. Don't know when it will be written considering I've got a bit of writer's block. Can't seem to write anything and think it's good, so yeah. Been a nit blargh and slow. But I'll get there eventually. =3

Following Chapter:

Part 3-- [link]

All characters are G1/IDW based.
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That comes in the fourth chapter. ^^ But yes, he was a bit too distraught and over the place to really notice any of the fine details about himself. Even with Shockwave, he's wondering if he's just a replica of himself right now, and some kind of virtual world he's been put in by the Autobot's or something. XD
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Bit of this comes from two of us who enjoyed this emmensly:
Oh damn, Cole, you got some fortitude to stand up against the Warlord but then again bonded-Megatron did the same thing when his lover was threatened. Karmashock: 'kid in a candy store' hehe, that was GREAT! but then has to snap back to the serious severity of the deadly situation. I forgot Cole had been on Cybertron as a neutral during the war and so... wow, at least he has a bit more understanding to the angst of an aching soldier... let alone this arrogant one! Ratchet come in, hehe, yeah that one not have been pretty. But it could be fun to see them tussle (syrines to fists)

Oh Lord to see our elegant Commander Shockwave back {swoon} so dignified and regal {booya!} (loved your description of his posture! one that Karmashock is NOT used to seeing.) But to see the mixture of the knelt Commander with the the crushed bondmate reaching out... pleading for a flicker of hope? My heart stilled, my breath caught.... then died when he was sent away. "lowering his helm in a bow and utter hurt..." And then he keeps walking... right out of the building leaving his Liege unguarded. Yikes, he really must have been crushed to not think that straight.

Oh man, I just wonder who is coming? How many Decepticons they are going to call in on a search mission? Hahaha, Prowl, you're gonna learn to fly courtesy of Lord Megatron's sabaton if you cross his path.
Come on Shockwave, you can do this! Megatron, come on, trust. Right that's not a positive word in your vocabulary...
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Cole's pretty stubborn himself. One, he's really protective of Karmashock, and my Transference comic will probably show some of that in the future when I get off my butt and continue it. XD And two, he never really was a warrior, so even though he knows Megatron is powerful, he's still got that stubbornness of a doctor--just like Ratchet. Get in the berth of spanners will be flying. XD

I really do enjoy writing Shockwave in such a role. He's just so perfect <3 Such a wonderful soldier and mech. It's sad to see him losing Megatron, though, and going back to such a state. Especially the fact that Megatron [in this time of war] has no sexual interest, let alone in mechs or Shockwave. Basically just the femmes he could pick up whenever he wanted to.

Shockwave didn't leave the building, he just went to go search for Karmashock and Cole. Tell him what he did. He'll be right back as soon as possible. Only to find Megatron gone, but yeah...
mamabot Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
Oh good [didn't leave building] Yeah that killed me about their relationship being *poof* in the vermillion optics. Oh man if he runs into Nebula.... oooohhhh crap.

Hehe Cole, I love his tenatiousness! Must be part of that medic persona, for Karmashock doesn't back down so easily either. :happybounce:
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Cole's not always a little cutie pie. XD I don't think he'll run into Nebula unless she's near the hospital for some reason, though. ^^;
jokergirl129 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh this really bad. Seems sometime during the night Megatron's memory sent him completely back during the war as this isn't just a simple slip anymore. Megatron truly thinks it's still war outside and that he's once again a war lord. I fear what's going to happen once Megatron sees that everything is normal and rebuilt outside. Who knows how he might act but lets hope he won't do anything drastic that would ruin everything before he gets his memory back.

Poor Shoackwave. I can't imagine what he's going through fully but it's clear he's in deep emotional pain over Megatron not remember they are now bonded and everything they've been through so far. He so desperately wants Megatron to remember that he isn't just a soldier anymore but his bond mate. Shockwave doesn't want to go back to that role because they have so much more together now and it's understandable not wanting to go through that again. Working so hard to finally be with the one you love only to have to go back to the beginning in a sense.

Not to mention the fact he can't just tell Megatron the whole truth of what is going on. Shockwave hates to lie and would rather tell the truth but he also doesn't want to make things worse for Megatron either. For his sake lets also hope things will get better soon and Megatron won't do anything too stupid in this state.
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Megatron's in for a serious shock when he steps outside those hospital doors. ^^;

Here's to hoping Shockwave can help Megatron gain his memory back. Maybe getting some kind of personal item.
jokergirl129 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh boy. Megatron is going to be so confused and wondering what the hell is going on. I really hope then he doesn't start yelling or acting like a crazy person when he does leave. With any luck someone would stop him before he does.

I really do hope Shockwave can help. He's pretty much Megatron's only hope of doing so. I wonder what personal item would do just the trick though. It can't just be anything. It would have to be something with meaning behind it.
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh yeah, it would definitely have to be something very personal.
jokergirl129 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whatever that object would be I'm sure Shockwave will know just what might work. So here's to hoping he'll find it soon before things really go down hill.
Sounddrive Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
For the first time in a long time, I sweared when Megatron said "Where's your insignia?"

Holy Primus. I feel horrible for Shockwave! Poor thing, & Megatron just walked outta there, mentally AND physically.

Primus protect the innocent . . .
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahaha, aww, well, nice to hear that I got a reaction out of you. XD

Yeah, things outside are going to be confusing for Megatron... >>
Sounddrive Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Confusing won't cut it. Baffling or Bewildering for sure.
megzysgurl69 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Student Writer
Oh no! The second megatron asked cole where his insignia was the first thing that came to my head was, "what about shockwave?"
I feel so bad for poor shockwave :(
Don't worry shockwave megatron knows his own bond mate and won't ever forget! :D
NiGhT-sTaLkEr13 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hopefully Megatron will come around soon. :)
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