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Journal Entry: Wed May 17, 2017, 12:11 AM
So, after I sorta revamped my art Tumblr blog, and after being active here a little bit more, I decided to toss up a ko-fi account. It's basically a little account where you can support artists and help them by offering donations :3 It's not super expensive! And there's no monthly payment like there is on Patreon, but if you feel like supporting a fellow artists a little, feel free to 'buy me a coffee' XD

Buy Me a Coffee

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Journal Entry: Wed May 17, 2017, 12:11 AM
So, after I sorta revamped my art Tumblr blog, and after being active here a little bit more, I decided to toss up a ko-fi account. It's basically a little account where you can support artists and help them by offering donations :3 It's not super expensive! And there's no monthly payment like there is on Patreon, but if you feel like supporting a fellow artists a little, feel free to 'buy me a coffee' XD

Buy Me a Coffee

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Journal Entry: Tue May 16, 2017, 3:47 AM
Okay, my CORE membership finally activated today, so I've decided that I am going to do a pretty big revamp of my account here. It might sound silly, but having no core membership makes being here a bit of a drag as it all feels so plain to me. I've always had a membership, or at least have had one for YEARS on end with very little breaks in between. When my membership ran out and I decided I might not come back, I kind of figured that yeah... this might be the end.

Truth is, this place holds a lot of good memories for me, and unless I get SO busy that I just can't ever post here, then chances are I'm never really going to leave this place. While dA isn't the place it used to be, I still really miss what it once was, and I'd like to be able to come back on here and enjoy it rather than looking at my page and going 'bleh'. :'D 

So... I've come to terms with the fact that I probably will not be returning to the Transformers fandom any time in the near future--or if at all. I've been looking through a lot of my older art, and honestly, half of it makes me very embarrassed. Not always the content (although let's be real I did some weird shit in that fandom XD), but also just because it's such old art.  While Transformers will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, and I absolutely miss my OC's Karmashock and Cole, and MegaShock romance <3 I just can't see myself returning or drawing anything. I've thought about finishing my fic series, but it's been a good two years now, and I've practically forgotten half or the lingo when it comes to TF bodies and their terms and whatever else. 

If there's one thing I know about myself, it's when I'm into a fandom, I buckle in and stay there for quite some time, and that's what I've been doing with Dragon Age for the last two years. I've got a huge muse for my Inquisitor, and I do role play him over on tumblr if anyone is interested. I also post sketches of him there, too--because I am trying to keep this gallery more clean with proper art vs my shitty sketches XD 

Speaking of tumblr, I do have more than one account. So, if you're interested at all, here's where I'm mostly active:

Main blog @Fun-sized-owl 
Strictly Art Blog @NS-13
My Roleplay blog for Kaaras @Kaaras-Adaar 

Now, to make my dA a more comfortable place, I've decided to make a pretty big plan on cleaning up. So, what this will mean is I am going to most likely be deleting/storing a fair few pieces of art, especially my Transformers stuff. Not all of it, because there are pieces that I still LOVE. My fics will all still be here, but the older I get, and the more my art has improved, looking back on it just makes me cringe a little bit. 

Second, I am actually going through the people I follow and, tbh... I follow a LOT of either dead artists who no longer post here, or people who I am no longer really interested in art wise. It's a bit sad, seeing all of these amazing artists that I once followed who no longer post here, but I also understand, because I've been so in and out of here the last few years that I can't say much XD Either way, I'm following a bunch of groups and dead blogs that I need to unfollow, lol. 

I might be possibly opening commissions in the future. Right now, I am keeping them in the Dragon Age theme, and I've not done many. I need to revamp my prices. If people want Transformers commissions when I open them, then that is absolutely still an option. :) If anything, I would love to be able to draw for the fandom again, I just can't see myself doing it on my own in the future, haha. I absolutely don't HATE Transformers, I still very much love them, I just have no drive or passion to really do much about them at the current time. I'm a one track mind apparently, and right now that's on Dragon Age, lol. But if I open commissions, then who knows what may come of it :D 

Over the last few years, I am very happy to say that I have grown a lot and become a far better person. There's a lot of things I look back on here and sort of shake my head at myself in the way I acted, especially in such wingy and whiney journal, etc. A lot had changed in me, and I absolutely have grown as a person and matured--and that's great! I'm also over 6 months on Testosterone now, and I've never been happier. I now have to shave my face because I'm becoming a grizzly man XDDD (and I love it lolol). 

Also, I'm soooo excited over Alien Covenant. I saw it last weekend in IMAX and OMG!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Really brought my love for Aliens back, and it's still the reason I am an artist today. <3 I love my aliens so much.

Anyway, I really hope to be more active here. I might not be posting art every day, not like I used to. I still have work during the week, and I do spend a lot of my spare time either playing games or roleplaying Kaaras over on tumblr. But I am really hoping to draw more and at least BE AROUND here more often vs just once a week or so. <3 Already having the journal skin is nice to see and knowing I'm a CORE member again. 

I really do hope dA becomes a little more lively again, because it was such an inspiring place for me. Now it's just up to me to get that inspiration back. :3 

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Okies guys, so I need a little help because I've never done this when memberships rolled over to CORE.

So, I bought a 3 month subby yesterday, and... it still hasn't come through. PayPal has notified me that the payment/automatic billing has been done, but I am yet to actually have my CORE membership yet--as you can see. I was hoping to revamp my dA account and make everything more comfortable in a sense so I could be more active here. Buuuuttt... then this happened.

Is there some kind of waiting period? Does it lag? 

I have gotten in contact with the help desk and am waiting on them, but I also googled some things in the meantime and apparently this is a problem? Some people have waited weeks for their CORE to come through. O.o I thought it was an instant thing. And I can't try again because it says I already have one set up (which obviously I don't because nothing is here). As far as I'm concerned, I've paid and have yet to receive the goods.

Anyone else know much about this? I know dA is fairly dead, so I thought I'd ask around anyway. I'm really wanting to be a bit more active here because I miss it. :'D

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